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“ELA provides pragmatic and commercial advice which goes to the root of the matter, saving time and costs in getting the issue resolved”.

Mark W 
Commercial Manager – UK Main Contractor

“We were in a situation where we were struggling to get the result we wanted, ELA spun it around, placing forward a strong counter-claim and giving the other contractor a significant problem following which the matter was soon settled. ELA’s hard work and pragmatic advice was what really impressed me and it got the result we wanted”.

Mark Mc
General Manager – Australian Principal Contractor

“As a Bondsman, ELA were advising and aiding a Contractor in claiming a significant sum due to default of the Sub-Contractor. The way ELA went about getting a decision really impressed me and we have kept in touch ever since”.

Tony T 
Surety and Bond provider APAC

“Leaves no stone unturned and protects your interests, taking into account all the issues which are essential for the success of the project”.

Guy B
Estate Manager – Employer / Client;

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