Construction contract, commercial, and dispute resolution consultancy


Commercial & Contractual advice

ELA provides practical support and advice throughout the project life-cycle, with the emphasis on preventing issues, which may arise due to poor drafting of contractual provisions, with the result being ambiguities within the contract. (Details)

Quantity Surveying / Quantum advice

ELA can offer both pre-contract and post-contract professional services to its clients.

Pre-contract services are highly important in maintaining control of the project and can be described as the foundations of a successful project. (Details)


Negotiation should be considered as the first method of dispute resolution as it is the quickest and most cost-effective way of reaching agreement. Negotiation will provide the best opportunity to preserve future working relationships and can achieve the goals of all parties involved in the process. (Details)


Mediation can be a very effective method of dispute resolution, providing a creative and cost effect solution for the parties involved. It is a consensual process, which involves a third party facilitating agreement between the parties. (Details)


Adjudication is a quick and low cost contentious method of resolving disputes on an interim basis with the adjudicator’s decision being and binding and enforceable on the parties. (Details)


ELA can add value to its client’s businesses by providing insight into the way the law views common and complex issues which arise during the construction process. ELA provides a wide range of training programmes and seminars to its clients. (Details)

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