Construction contract, commercial, and dispute resolution consultancy

Quantity Surveying / Quantum advice

ELA can offer both pre-contract and post-contract professional services to its clients.

Pre-contract services are highly important in maintaining control of the project and can be described as the foundations of a successful project. With the correct advice and implementation of pre-contract processes and risk of the project entering costly and time consuming disputes will be greatly reduced.

ELA provide a broad scope of pre-contract and post-contract services, which include;

  1. Project planning;
  2. Production of tender and contract documentation;
  3. Feasibility studies and project budgets;
  4. Bill of Quantities / Scope of Works;
  5. Tender process documentation
  6. Tender assessment
  7. Contract formation
  8. Value engineering
  9. Cost estimating and control
  10. Change management / assessment
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