Construction contract, commercial, and dispute resolution consultancy

Commercial and Contractual advice

ELA provides practical support and advice throughout the project life-cycle, with the emphasis on preventing issues, which may arise due to poor drafting of contractual provisions, with the result being ambiguities within the contract.

Our services cover both pre-contract and post-contract requirements enabling clients to have a clear contractual and commercial strategy for managing the project and reducing risk to achieve overall success for the project.

ELA’s services deliver risk management at pre-contract and post-contract stages of the project and encompasses change control and value management processes. These processes can minimise the number and size of disputes, which a project may experience and ensures that each and every party to the construction process fully understand its risks and obligations.

ELA can offer the following commercial and contractual services;

  1. Pre-contract / tendering services;
  2. Contractual advice;
  3. Selection of the most appropriate contract;
  4. Identification of potential dispute areas;
  5. Identification of potential opportunities;
  6. Contractor/supplier selection and vetting;
  7. Extension of Time assessment;
  8. Valuation of Change;
  9. Contract Administration;
  10. Training;
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